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2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad plus review

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad plus
2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad plus
At the point when the email came educating me a Dodge Journey would be dropped off for The Garage to audit, my first believed was "Goodness, I had disregarded those." A snappy hunt from The Garage chronicles show we last took a gander at a Journey in 2012. Alright, so its been four years, what's new with the Journey since we last took a gander at it? Incredibly, I found the answer is, well, fundamentally nothing. Given that the hybrid is the favored method of transportation for the cutting edge family, it is basically mind boggling how little consideration Dodge is paying to the Journey.
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Presented in 2009, the Journey is a dinosaur in the midst of the opposition, which are essentially falling over each other to keep focused. Notwithstanding when new, the Journey was light years behind other people. Salvation came in 2011 when Dodge tended to the Journey's most grievous sin-its reprehensibly horrendous inside and a few different upgrades. Indeed, even thus, it stuns the creative ability that after that modification, Dodge practically left.
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Indeed, even with the 2011 correction, Dodge chose to allow the outside to sit unbothered, put something aside for a couple of mellow upgrades. At any rate the Journey was a conventional, if unremarkable looking family hauler, yet the outline is unquestionably demonstrating its age. In 2012, The Garage griped our dull dim test auto everything except vanished in swarmed parking garages. This time around, our Crossroad model completed in Redline Pearl with 19″ wheels, gleam dark barbecue, platinum chrome trim and double fumes gives the Journey an injection of some seriously required visual character.

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