Sunday, August 14, 2016

2014 Dodge Charger SE

charger car - new dodge car

Buyer inclinations have everything except consigned RWD vehicles to extravagance or close extravagance brands – or if nothing else to brands asking close extravagance costs. Luckily for those not intrigued by owning another BMW or another person's issues, Dodge has the business sector secured with the Charger, the last reasonable RWD vehicle standing.

From the crosshair grille flanked by calculated headlamps, the Charger has a state of mind as just an American auto can, even in Jazz Blue. It shouts one of two things, "get the damnation out of my way" or "draw over now," and it apologizes for not one or the other. Front entryway slices develop into solid character lines that run the auto's outstanding length, joining at the back with auto width LED taillights, a return to Charger's '60s muscle auto period.
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